Hailing from Kingston Jamaica, Spragga Benz (born Carlton Grant) has been an icon of the local dancehall culture since the early 90s. He made his first appearance onto the scene as an assistant DJ for Ricky Villa and the La Benz Sound system. It didn’t take long before he had the chance to put some of his tunes on tracks like, Love Mi Gun” and The Lascivious “Jack It Up” which became an instant underground classic. The re-release of the latter on a wider scale, plus other tracks such as “Could A Deal” and “ Girls Hooray” boosted his profile even further as Spragga Benz set out to become one of the hottest names within the dancehall scene of the decade.


A subsequent deal with major label Capital Records brought his sound outside Jamaica, and his music wasn’t only opening up to new brands and new audiences, but also to brand new musical frontiers; including pop, R&B and Hip Hop, as testified by collaborations with artists as diverse as Ben E King, Wyclef Jean, KRS-One and Lil’ Bow Wow, just to name a few.


Back in Jamaica, Spragga continued to release more chart topping singles and collaborated with a host of talented local and international artists. The 21st century started out with a bang, as Spragga set out to début as an actor, becoming involved in influential productions such as, “Brooklyn Babylon” and gangster story, “Shottas”.


The film “Shottas”, Co-starring Kymani Marly, Paul Cambell, and Louie Rankin propelled Spragga Benz’s career to new heights as he expanded his fan base; not only to music lovers but the film gave movie buffs a chance to admire his talents as well.


Spragga Benz has always been a philanthropist at heart. His humanitarian ways have been noted from the very beginning of his career when he started the “Stay in School” program back in the 90s, which provided help for needy students in his hometown. In honor of the untimely death of his first born son, Carlton “Carlyle” Grant Jr., Spragga started a second organization, “The Carlyle Foundation”, a program which currently provides scholarships and computers to excelling Jamaican students.


In spite of his involvement within the movie industry, Spragga Benz set out to remain extremely active and prolific in music, releasing a host of successful albums, singles, remixes and collaborations – the most notable of which certainly being his most personal and charismatic effort to date: the critically acclaimed “Shotta Culture”. The album was fully produced by Salaam Remi and features artistes of the likes of Stephan Marley, Nas, Marcia Griffiths, and 2Chaiz. “Shotta Culture” brings an unprecedented depth on a lyrical/ storytelling standpoint within the global dancehall scene.


Spragga Benz continued making hits as he released tracks like “Lah Lah Lah”, produced by Stephen Marley, “Call upon Jah” featuring Sean Paul, “S.W.A (Sleep With Angels)” and “She Loves Me”, a bona fide fan favorite.


A leader of the Redsquare Rebelnation, Spragga Benz uses his influence to provide a platform to young artists as they pave their way throughout the industry by providing them with mentoring, comradery and opportunities. He presently works cosely with 12 young artist, showing them the ropes.


Currently, Spragga is working on a brand new album entitled, “The Journey Continues” which incorporates his hottest reggae and dancehall tracks. The album will be released later this year and features artists like Kymani Marley, Wayne Wonder and Kranium.